UFO (Uniting For Outrage)

Benjamin Workman
2 min readJul 6, 2022


Image by Jat AM from Pixabay


You left o — pen

Mass hysteria

Throughout this area

Attack would be the default



Humanity’s favorite form

Of paranormal activity

Like grounding Ed White

Destined for space flight

Somehow, always caught by the Navy

Aliens touch down

Citizens at Waffle House

Stuffing their faces with gravy

Maybe, too lazy

To form an expression

Kardashev Scale used

Gauges their first impression

Humanity as a whole

Enlisted in a collective session

Possibly, taught

Selfishness is an afterthought

Thinking more planetary

I just shook one of their hands

Are you sure this is sanitary?

Most people are disgusting

Germs everywhere — Whole planet(s) scary

Would we give them a chance?

Extend a hand or lance?

Government calls Space Force

Of course!

Glimmering light in the sky

What’s the protocol?

This saucer appears spherical

Photo ball

Another UFO detected

Earth destination selected


All life forms protected

Humans deemed false prophets

Unlimited expanse


Earning wages & false profits

Human IQ’s still in reality’s basement

Aliens arrive

Peacefully designating

Humanity’s placement

Earth’s axis approaches a tipping point

Attention passes by

Fire in the sky has people skipping joint

Light a fire under species


Turned brains into feces

Seeking new residency

Obligations pull one back

In the form of hesitancy

Must hold my — cool

Carefully choose action

Before put to sleep like Jackson

Wishing for an interplanetary tour

Human experience

There must be more

This Is It?



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