The Secret Recipe (Freestyle)

Prod. Elhi

Benjamin Workman
3 min readNov 2, 2023
Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

The Secret Recipe — talented — too stressed to be
Completely locked in, like Death Row
Acquitted, so take a breath, bro…
New heights after — psychedelic
Falsified artifacts how we psyche the relic
Historically underrated, as the — thunder — stated…
Turn day into night, now that's a bright idea
Epiphanies destined to light IKEA
Pet beside me, sitting right by Chia

See, the old days brought the dowry
Nowadays, point fingers for the whataboutery
Two wings — Trump, I cannot abide in
Biden's trump card is World War III
Free to engage in conflict…
Devil on his shoulder and con — flick
Turn to the other side — Archangel
Reality would show Noah's Ark mangle
Tangled in the web protocol
Rob Peter, escrow the Paul
Let's go, the call…

Nationwide, why does life vacation hide?
Ride on the red eye, like where's the Visine?
Director's Cut — take a stab at it to try — scene
Without denim, blessed with skinny jeans
Gene therapy…
Wheel of Fortune, is there a P?
Placing foes in Jeopardy
No cap, does the Kappa stepper see?
With enough nerve — damage, like leprosy
Spotted in broad daylight, like the leopard…
When you ask how we cheat, ugh…
Any response, you know he's — lyin…

Bite out of crime — Saber Tooth Tiger supplyin'
Hear him laughing like a hyena
They've never seen a…
— Rapper — listen to Lux and King Los
No question if this deluxe thing — close…
Been rapping for eight months
Mainstream artists — straight dunce
Once upon a time…
Sought after a true story
Boy meets Topanaga through Cory
Cartridges of Mortal Kombat deemed too gory
Arm directly through the core, we…

Entered button inputs for fatality
All of my peers were hit by a babality
Too childish — used to raising a child wish
Dishes served cold like Sub-Zero
Sky Italia, after the dub Ciro
Frozen in time the way they snub Hiro
Nakumura — three stock and pour the…
Gin & Juice
Not Superman, more Tin-Man and Bruce
Heart departed after the gun started…
Shooting the human body, the entire part paces

Start places, like the Olympics, lay the track
Intelligence Squared, like conveying the fact…
When it comes to the best, there's no debate
Any time I step on a track — demonstrate
Bow and arrow, only shooting when it's straight
93' Jordan up to bat, watch the Bull try…
To go, Bo Jackson
Achilles heals — then the toe fraction

Adding value, while most — contributing subtraction
Multiplying Whoppers, like malt supplying
Messages blending…
Signals to Extraterrestrial Life sending
Neo in the Matrix bending…
Spoon — soon manipulating the code
Road the beat, like William Colton
In a Flash, watch The Loner bolt in…
Some find the static shocking
Lasso the rope, like the haptic docking
Heading out west until drowning in the Pacific
To be specific…
Finding his way beyond the Bermuda Triangle
Too deep for any battler to try — angle…



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