Potential Unbounded (Conducting through Instinct)

Fictitious barriers


Any doubts about the direction


I Am…


One sounded

Held back vibrations

Personhood libation

Characters in countries

Affixed to my nation

Tune out the external

Tune into my station

Truth satiation

AM & FM, you won’t see em’

Only available on PM

Lights out

Doesn’t mean sights out

Sensory deprivation

Avatars pleading for separation

It happens during deep sleep

Unless the mind runs roads

To the pace of the “beep, beep!”

Find me at Sonic

Vape in one hand

Other holding chronic

Lady friend’s drink of choice

Gin & Tonic

Hangover cure called Zelda

Linked to the tonic

Brief 3rd-dimensional layover

These planes, we’re way over

Life woven through one thread

Akashic Records

Recording everything that one said

Two exists as a concept

To bring perception along for the ride


Doesn’t exist

Does persist


When activating resist

Plunging further into the quest

Declining reality’s request

Reclining to society’s behest

Space & Time

Law & Order

Until we saw the recorder

Reality’s pitch


The past constantly reminding

3rd-dimensional contracts


Say, Kellerman

How come they didn’t sign you

To a Max offer?

Trying to keep you around


Desiring to max coffer

Questioning one’s appearance

Mirrors were not enough

Providing technological clearance

Digital perspectives

Forming questionable collectives

Providing no answers

Born in July

Cosigning no Cancers

Disease nowhere on the jacket

Living in the one bracket

Check the checking

Account cannot account

For the amount amounting to

One percent

Indeed, not among those

The ones who ferment

Keep the chaos brewing

Conspiracy theorists stewing

Holes in their grip of choice

Agile how they stack it

You are holding a racket — Rejoice

Too tired to cry

That’s a lie

Only liquify from the eye

If catatonia does not come by

Some live

Some die

Stray from “wonder why”

Revisit “wonder why”

I Am…

In this place

There’s no reason to wonder why

The truth supersedes reasoning

All branches of knowledge

Require space

Truth’s background permeates

Without a trace

Trace the letters

Copy the numbers

Get degrees

Reach higher pedigrees

Winning streaks

Like when you buy deodorant

Deciding to get Degree(s)

King James celebration

Uplift the powder

Clock ticks faster

Society’s demands are getting louder

If you marry Merriam

You get the crowder

So much to say

So much to get around

Animate the meal

Remix the Chowder

Killed my higher self

I could not be prouder

Just an extension of ego

I Am…


Brings higher wealth

Devoid of preference

More so

Nature of consciousness reverence

Expression of the all-knowing

Knowing nothing

Through no thing


Cut on Spotify

Find your favorite song

Go sing

The afterthought of the afterthought

Trust me

Always stick around until the end

Thinking after…


This is what life is?

Hoping we are chosen for the fairest wheel

In this rat race

Win a few prizes

Wake up to

Christmas Day

Birthday surprises

Dress like penguins on wedding days

Listen to what the talking head advises

Interact in time & space

Determine the height of surmises

What is true cannot be written

Peace to the MCs

Nor spittin’

Limit is rooted in linguistics

Surpass all with heuristics

Each one, teach one

How to unwind one

Until we find


You can still be you

Just know that it is not you

Words are an incomplete transmission

Faulty clutch

Can’t compete

Nor’ complete transition

Found in silence

Purity of mind

Unheard sounds

In violence

Found at the pump

Stuck on ‘E’

Some see

Others cry when they

Cut through layers



Let friends & family

Fill in the blanks

Concept of self

Guarded by tanks


Combined writing and insanity

Written calamity

Can it be?

A taste of the limitless

Returning to Benjamin

Deciding to limit this

For how much longer?

This side is growing stronger

Back to the weighted clothing

Beast caged



Opening and closing of Pandora’s Box

Reality exposing



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.