NASCAR (Circle of Life)

Citizen trailing

Listen in — Tailing

Placed last car

Erased — Blast far

Cast star

Following celebrity

Swallowing brevity

Triple boost

Pick a roost

There’s a pit


Enter shop

Time to cop

Flashing lights

Casting rights


Acts as monkey’s claw

Attached to back

Egg in the '80s

Hatched the crack


Children set the relic

Undeveloped polaroid

Here’s an opioid


Pills surmise this

Fentanyl surprises

Find where wise is

Knowledge ran its course

First course

Of course,

Voice is hoarse

Set the table

Open stable

Should be gelling

Could see yelling

Humanity swelling

External’s telling

Merely another lap

Look down

See another chap?

Crumbling foundation

Found nation

Britain smitten

Rocky exit


Text it

Instead of buy quill

Try NyQuil

Open eye(s) still


Am I real?

Turn key and peel

Watch banana peel

Obstacles surround us

Adversity compound(s)


Jokes on you


Tokes on you

Last place on lock

Spin the block

Race against the clock

Tik Tok

Profound go-round

With no sound

Eyes covered in film

Poetic film


Finacial oppression

Here comes lender

Thank you, Bender


Instead of Nixon’s head


Time traverse

Erase Chris Travers

Past, present, future


System resistance



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.