Humanity’s Tipping Point

People incongruent with equal
Oppression — Infinite sequel
Neverending social media pretending
Lifestyles financed by lending
False profit messages sending
Thoracic spine bending
Until filming content
Uploaded successfully — Content
Scroll through news feed
Acts as cattle’s new feed
WorldStar means you bleed
Pulling teeth to read
Speed bump road to greed
Instantaneous entertainment free from seed
Humanity moving too fast
Beget germinate determine fate

Everyone’s here — Equality‘s late
Physical shells earn plate
Perspectives discern great
Cleansing soul — Adjourn hate
New era caps backward
Cap brim can’t back word
Circulation lost from tight buckle
Organizers release light chuckle
System’s design must resign
Addicts contracted to re-sign
Little scribble and millionaire dribble
Commoner seeking nibble
Besides dogs feeding on Kibble
Point planted with dibble
They system restore
We throw system through door

Start from scratch
Open latch
Ladder and hands attached
Darkness requires match
Light rematch
Reverse birth
Ball up present worth
Open hands — Catch
Refrain complain
Pain and humanity gain
Most pouring Gain
Sprinkle detergent on reality
System experiences casualty
Connecting with Boon soon
Re-introducing fatality

Focused on decentralize
Viewing central lies
Seeing heart of problem
Robin Hood robs them
Spare ghetto
Pursue Geppetto
Stringing long nose
Pinocchio knows
Lying political foes
Caught red-handed
Idiopathic toes
Stature ungrounded
Nurture unfounded
Nature’s cry sounded
Empaths ground pounded

Adolescence prescribed anti-depressants
Mental health suppressants
Forgoing meditative presence
Favoring pharmaceutical presents
Coal composition essence
Rocking core evanescence
Objective — Planned obsolescence
New today, washed tomorrow
FOMO energizing sorrow
Luxury clothing mixed with borrow
Skys falling & star(s) low
To climate change denier
Lake Mead evidence supplier
Leaving no evidence prior
H₂O flow
Stagnation’s path — Go

Fibonacci placed on hibachi
Cooking genjutsu with Itachi
Sharingan preventing sharing gun
Hands-on deck project
Object and subject
Subjected to protected
Entire population selected
Potent illusion
Rewiring confusion
One and all fusion
Pain-free contusion
Ego bruised permanently
Selfish acts taxed permanent fee
Chakra depleting
Amidst completing

Citizens awaking
Process painstaking
Closing cognitive dissonance distances
Between inhalation and exhalation instances
Space in between — Convene
Seeing all as one equaling serene
Problems attract solutions
New moment resolutions
Breathe in — Breathe out
What’s breath about?
Centering being
Internally leaning
Intuitively navigate external
Love guiding eternal
Humanity’s tipping point
Deconstruct anoint



Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind. Machiavelli meets Peter Petrelli. He doesn't drive, so find him atop Yeti, showered in confetti.

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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman


Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind. Machiavelli meets Peter Petrelli. He doesn't drive, so find him atop Yeti, showered in confetti.