Generational Curse (Father Time)

Zoro v. el toro

Tired of bullshit

Preaching from pulpit

Odd mix like a bull-pit


Difficult to pulley it

Father’s son

Am I fully it?

Fighting off demon

Puncture heart

Juncture art

Even breathin’?

Even Steven

No man to believe in

Reality placed reprieve in

Turned inward

Found oneself in word(s)


Thoughts found in ward

Cartilage bound in sword

Retrieve rapier

Got a bit scrappy there

No concern if Papi care

Race against time

Won’t stop me there

Tears on the ground

Merely sweat can’t be mine

Recant — Be fine

Finish — Decree line

Every punch thrown

I’ll land mine

Watch where you step

Careful of land mine

Sculpted own man


In own plan


Disguising sounds

With violins

No strings attached

Trajectory unmatched

Bow for show

Native, so

Arrow will flow

Pull it back

If peace turns to attack

Father — Son connection


Find a suitable partner


More work to be done

Past undone

Future hurt unsung

Disturbed psychological

Profile biological

Had a stepdad

Behavior made his rep bad

Told be truthful

Heart & mind youthful

Sans naive

Take my leave

Family tree

Branch off me

Word Ensalada

No dressing — Ranch costly

What will fatherhood cost me?

Breaking generational curse

Disperse Father Time



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.