Free NFT (Freestyle)

Quietly building an NFT Collection

Winter time for selection

Bars everywhere

Goosebumps at attention

Standing every hair

Facility forgot to mention

Freedom without correction

Spirits guiding section

Be clear; it’s sliding protection

100 poems

1 line

Shake 100 homes

Hooked line

Break 100 Rome’s

Attention roams

Mere mention

Fixated like 100 gnomes

Better yet, gargoyle

Step back!

Our spoil

Headset disconnect yet?

People in Metaverse

Never met a verse

Where each line’s a curse

Beelines to purse

Empty crypto wallet

Debatable’s not what we call it

Everything written’s a throwaway

Thoughts the coldest say

La Familia

Conceal the

Achilles heel

When it catches fire

AWOL feel turns sire

Only took one L

Shouldn’t be airing prior

Black & white airing Pryor

Five Elon’s net worth

Intend to hire?

False cases Upend The Wire

Hobo Killer

Cop caps

Better than Robo killer

All shells from el restaurante

Al dente

Esta’ cerrado

Truth sent through tooth

American Pablo

All Dante


Spurn foe

Came to return dough?

Settle on arcade machine

Impress me twice

Sticks Wesley Snipes

Never seen Blade this clean

Beat me in Tekken, you reckon?

Consider this beckoning

PS1 on carpet Tekken(ing)

Select Yoshimitsu

It’s through

NFL Blitz too

No Dual Shock until Ape Escape

Did you play this late?

Soul’s Calibur

Hate this great

Visualizing boxing match

Style you are watching hatch

Truth serum


Clear em’

Open latch

Down the hatch

Enter basement

Waiver for debasement

Only wars in store

Forgot your money?

Oh, that’s funny

Should’ve worn vest

Doug Funnie

Find Yancey

Worn the rest

When written

Most deaf

Ceiling created by Kweli

Well, probably

A Black Star

Hopping out

A black car

You can be #1

I’ll be double ‘0’


Hitman remixing

A reverend

On stage

Taking rhyme from page

Poetic or prophetic?

Writing with God’s prosthetic



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.