Everyone is an Artist

Benjamin Workman
1 min readJul 10, 2022


Creator: Grandfailure | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Everyone’s artistic

Every gun(s) ballistic

Gravitational pull

Caliber Chrome 22

Challenger(s) roam plenty


Meaning browser?

Laughter trap

After splat

Spikes to the back, leaning Bowser

22 Dub Flash Spinner

Plenty move club — Brash sinner

Card declined

Hard remind(er) is cash dinner

Left to buy paint thinner

Canvas art to acquaint winner

Seeing sounds

Feeding rounds

Pasta dish wish

Kneading shells

Needing wishing wells

Pass the dough

Passive flow

Last shiv


Poke a hole in story

Plot hole allegory

Fore! Signals more

Holes in one

See whole in one

Living bypass wisdom

Reliving my pas(t) is dumb

Angles appear clearly

Angels appear near me

Devil on the shoulder

Rebel(s) palm the colder

Geometry visions

Optometry prisons

Watching an opp

Bomb a tree


Cold game, some say

Bold name


Rock any topic

Block any optic

Light — IKEA

With a bright idea

Better than nobody

Lesser than nobody

Writer DNA embodies

Ink brighter in bodies

Director’s Cut

Fill up pen

Wrote so much

Fill up again

Stop for one day, lose a week

Stop for one week, excuse is weak

Stop for one month, muse is meek

Stop for one year, objective unclear

Directionless steer

Direction is deer

Headlights, then veer

Oh, dear



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