Concrete Connection

‘Delivery Robot on Pavement’ by Kindel Media

Habit forming with one watch
Time ticking on one’s watch
Repetition with each passing
Deja Vu keeps harassing
Feet hitting concrete
Number of steps concrete
Solidified toe-tapping
Direction forgo asking

Double clutch
Conclusion — Jumping double dutch
Reacting much
Sweating as such
Demands the mask
Insurmountable task
Chaos which most bask
Questions one forgot to ask

U-haul assisting movement
Neighborly amusement
Unboxing savages
Breaking packages
Competition delivering damages
3rd verse postal
Mailing it in
Slow down route
Letters sailing again
Past dates FedEx
Carrier pigeon
Sunday carrying religion
Messages assigned to you
Sent from USPS
Amazon Flex’s invisible link
Written in invisible ink



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.