The Japanese Garden II— Designed by the Barcelona-based studio Six N. Five.

Professional protesting

What is this pro testing?

Pick up picket

Law enforcement

Hiccup ticket

Week later

Movement — Little cricket

Not sticking with it

Forgo super glue

Memory of three protestors

Loses two

Shared forgetfulness

Other loses too

So forgetful, this

One train of thought

All of us bought


On the sea, sailed

Political Noah’s Ark

Circling Boa’s park

Politician partition

Just listen…

All snakes

Burning at stakes

Short stint in history

Torn apart Bonaparte

Torn every bone apart

Wisdom of the deep

Circling sheep

Observers not making a peep

Operation complete

Systems skeleton

Circling like Peloton

Status Quo-To-Go

Order up

Ping me

When the new order’s up



Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White

Humanity’s creation
Sanity choosing inebriation
To exist not equaling persist
Equal distribution of necessities resist
True standard of living consists
Feeding without concept of needing
Self-serving competition completing
Unity accounting past impunity
Selfless community attracting immunity
Context of planetary
Cleansed populous sanitary
Continental resources coalesced
Reinforcements relinquishing oppressed
Newsroom noise suppressed
Positive stories amuse
Breaking news
Designated distraction
Understanding alone creates no traction
Lights — Camera
Sights set on action



Created by: NICHBA

Festive bowls store the mint
Mint condition ornament
Packaged round wrapper
Spectated designated clapper
Breathtaking making
Cool refreshment staking
Tossing and breaking mechanical
Thoughts grasp lessons tyrannical
Celebratory dirt outlining air
Holiday placing star back there
Remaining aware
Taking bow-wrapped car back, stare
False alarms — Call back flare
Shut down and bring light back
Blinding norms — Bring sight back
One commercial left, we’ll be right back
Intermission provision
Stuck in thoughtful condition
Knowledge running course
Wisdom stunning horse
Solution methodology
Separating psychology
Thinking problem
Identities rob them
Unified state of being
Mirrors — No faces seeing
Reality fabric pleating
Meditative volumetric seating
Perception beyond reception
Every moment Memento(s)
Yes, to Fresh Mentos
Aforementioned mints meant those
Would buy, but rent chose
Place to stay — Tent rose
Comatose no movement in feet
Out-of-body movement complete



‘Delivery Robot on Pavement’ by Kindel Media

Habit forming with one watch
Time ticking on one’s watch
Repetition with each passing
Deja Vu keeps harassing
Feet hitting concrete
Number of steps concrete
Solidified toe-tapping
Direction forgo asking

Double clutch
Conclusion — Jumping double dutch
Reacting much
Sweating as such
Demands the mask
Insurmountable task
Chaos which most bask
Questions one forgot to ask

U-haul assisting movement
Neighborly amusement
Unboxing savages
Breaking packages
Competition delivering damages
3rd verse postal
Mailing it in
Slow down route
Letters sailing again
Past dates FedEx
Carrier pigeon
Sunday carrying religion
Messages assigned to you
Sent from USPS
Amazon Flex’s invisible link
Written in invisible ink



Kehai Wall Clock” — Designed by Makoto Koizumi (2004) and Produced by Lemnos

Bills greasing palms
Bad memories creasing psalms
Duality with thought
Exists in disciplines taught
Bright idea bulb caught
There must be two
Division accompanies too
To create few
Born from one
Web of lies unspun
Minute and second-hand clock stun
Hands rescind from atop gun
Interconnectedness won’t stop fun
No belief holds weight
Look at the holes in them



The Prestige (2006) Copyright: ©Touchstone Pictures and Warner Bros. Picture

Pledging instead of clapping
Endless pages scrapping
Physical shell napping
After dodging slapping
See how they react
Disappearing tact
Receiving complaint
Reality — Come taint
Turning insecurity
Into security
Nonstop communication
Desiring rumination
Sparking Dante’s Inferno
Abilities Holmes infer, though
Detecting deduction
Prestige Shakespearean production
Bermuda Triangle suction
Deep sea abduction
Sikorsky overhead
Sea King destruction



Source — NASA Spinoff

Triangle scheme
Empowering Laker steam
Cargo funded by Wells Fargo
Golden fleece retrieval Argo
Argonauts to Astronauts
Colt switching with Astros bought
Space age tearing page
Balling up paper, we know
Kobe free-throw
GOATs traveling non-gravitational road
Fill in Phil Jackson
Conversational mode
Zen master
Stacking Larry O’Brien’s faster
Vision aligning Len’s Crafter(s)
Meditation upending rafters
Wondering what accomplish meant
Relative to every relative
Negativity reality’s sedative
Wake up before snake’s up
Night owl 24/7 prowl
Only moving station for bowel
Mindset perpetually student
Lessons and actions congruent
Networking handshakes prudent
Essential relinquishing stencil
Quickly erasing pencil
Formerly lead
Cut off what’s formerly ahead
Space penning upwards direction
Helmet for absurd protection
Spirits guided out-of-body selection



Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman

Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind.